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About the Virtual School and how to contact us

About us - Our Vision: To support families across The Oak Partnership with home learning throughout the closure of schools due to COVID-19.  


Our Work: As a team our work falls across three main areas : 


Learning Support:

- To provide daily structured learning.   

- To signpost families to core learning resources to support home learning.  

- To signpost virtual learning and useful web links.  

- To provide links across the Partnership and the individual class pages.  



-To create and manage effective ways of reaching out to families to highlight resources and ideas.  

- To  develop ways of offering interactive support to families. 

- To offer staff across the Trust direction and a point of contact and support with creating home learning resources.



- To provide families with resources to support child and adult well-being throughout the school closure.

- To reach out to families to check-in and offer advice.

- To provide a single point of contact for any families in need of support during the school closure. 






Visit our Virtual School for resources, support and advice with any aspects of home schooling.