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Challenge Partner School Review Report

What is The Challenge Partner Network of Excellence?

The Network of Excellence is Challenge Partners’ largest network of schools. This growing network currently comprises over 400 primary, secondary, post-16, special schools and APs nationally. The Network of Excellence provides all schools within the partnership the opportunity to access information about other Network of Excellence schools, experience good practice face-to-face, and access the expertise of practitioners and external consultants for specific school improvement projects.


How does it work?

To work efficiently, the Network of Excellence is organised into groups of schools that we call our hubs. Part of each school’s membership fee is returned to their local area hub to be used on collective priorities identified by you and your colleagues. Challenge Partners' Network of Excellence hubs play a crucial role in facilitating the collaboration and knowledge-sharing between schools.


Challenge and Support:

One of the key school improvements tools for the Network of Excellence if the annual Quality Assurance Review.


Quality Assurance Review (QA Review):

  • An annual peer-review of teaching and learning in your school
  • One-day training for staff to carry out the peer-review
  • CPD for senior leaders to review other schools
  • Accreditation of Areas of Excellence in your school



Latest Challenge Partner Review

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