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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

Hi New Class 4 to be Kids,


Weekly plans and ideas for you to follow are suggested below. This is on top of our Beast Quest story writing we continue to do in our Zoom sessions.


  • Practise some multiplication and division with higher value 2 digit numbers. You could now try all the times tables including 6, 7 and 9 too e.g. 27 x 7 or 32 x 9 / 64 -:- 4 or 98 -:- 7
  • Go to the Live Lessons page and have a go at the Oak National Academy resources on their website. These are lessons led by a variety of very skilled teachers that have good video and animated resources that you can follow on-line at the same time. There are some printable resources too to help you afterwards if you wish to use them. I think these will really help your learning.
  • Practising the Level 1 comprehension tasks in the 'First News Weekly Newspaper' in Activities, Challenges and Projects. 
  • Keep discovering all the fun and challenging activities and documents on ' Core Learning', 'Live lessons' and Activities, Challenges and Projects' on the Virtual School. 
  • Practise the 'White Rose Hub' activities that are on our website. We have now subscribed to become enhanced users so we can continue with the activities as the free ones provided have stopped. These activities will fit with the guidance given on BBC Bitesize and really help to develop your maths skills. Try not to be tempted to go on to other year groups but make sure you do your years activities and then explore other ways to challenge yourself e.g. 677+245 could be £6:77 + £2:45 or 6m 77cm + 2m 45cm etc.
  • Follow the Virtual School Daily Learning Activities. (This is found under Activities, Challenges and Projects). 
  • Follow the BBC 'Daily Lessons' (Go to Live lessons on the 'Virtual School' for the link or directly to BBC Bitesize). 
  • The 'Marvellous Monday' art lesson for this week. 


Do send me any examples that you do if you wish to on and let me know if you'd like me to try and share your examples on our class page.


Have fun, 


Toby Sime smiley



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