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March Lockdown Learning Activities

If you're looking for a new activity every day, check out the Daily Learning Activities which will be posted here every Friday, ready for the following week. This half-term, the theme is 'COUNTRIES'. 


Each week, all of the activities will be based around a chosen country. There will be a different focus each day, such as Geography, History, English or the Arts. You'll find hyperlinks in each of the Daily Learning Activity sheets which will take you straight to the resources you'll need.


There is no obligation to complete every activity each day or to do them in a particular order; just pick and choose the ones you like the look of!

Likewise, feel free to try the activities planned for the other key stage if you prefer the look of them.


Down the right hand side of the Daily Learning Activity sheets, you'll find links to other areas of learning that can be accessed on the Virtual School website.

Welcome back to the new academic year.