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In Maths this week I will show you how to use a resource from the photos and hopefully suggest how you can extend the learning as well.

CLL: Find different hats you have at home. Identify whose hat it is? Can you sort them into summer, winter, protective hats? Choose a hat that makes you feel happy! Wear this hat to perform the poem. Can you add the actions like Tony Mitton? Try and learn it by heart - it would be great if you could recite it and upload to Dojo.


Collect the hats from around your home. Examine the hats you have found. Can you find out what materials they are made from? (Think about science last week) Talk about why some hats are better than others at the job they do. A sun hat wouldn't be good at protecting you on your bike would it?

Present your findings as pictures, photos or writing.

Welcome back to the new academic year.