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Other key areas in school

As well as your new classrooms and outdoor environment, there are lots of other spaces in the school that you can explore. Click on the images to see them clearer.


The main entrance and green gate: The main entrance is at the front of the school where you will meet the ladies who work in the office. They will be able to help you with any questions you may have. Right next to this is our EYFS area and the most important gate. The green gate is where Miss Paling and Miss Merrick will greet you each morning and where you will be dropped off to come into school.


The heart space: This is where you will walk through every day to get to different parts of the school. It is where we have our School library and a quiet place should you need it. The heart space has lots of amazing paintings on the wall - hopefully you will recognise some of the characters when you come to see us!


The hall: This is where the school comes together for a Collective Worship. The other times that you will use the hall is to eat your lunch- you will be the first classes to go in there for lunch but Year 1 and 2 children will join towards the end. Don't worry, they are really friendly and will help you if you are worried. Once a week you will also have PE sessions in the hall with Mr Williams. You will have lots of fun learning new skills. 


The other playgrounds: The other playgrounds are used by all of the children in the school where they can free-flow between either space. This is part of our OPAL play. When you have got used to being in School you will also be able to join in with this. All of the children enjoy this as it means that they get to wear their wellies and waterproofs!


The practical room: This room is used for Kingfishers which is breakfast and after school club. You will be able to eat your breakfast or have a snack after school if you attend one of these sessions. Staff members from the school will look after you during this time so you will see some familiar faces. The practical room can also be used for small group sessions with an adult when required. 

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