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Phonics is a method used for teaching children to read and write the English Language. It develops phonemic awareness (the ability to hear, identify and manipulate phonemes). It enables children to understand the correspondence between these sounds and the spelling patterns (graphemes) that represent them.


Phonics Phases

Developing fluency in segmenting and blending

To sit alongside the phonic phase document above, you will find a set of powerpoints below containing a group of words for each sound, which your child can practise reading.  If real words are dictated to them, can they write a few, applying the sounds which they have been taught?


This can be used in conjunction with the daily sound lesson being taught under the virtual lessons tab.

Real and made up ('alien') words from each of the RWI sound sets for your child to read

Please also see the Online Lessons section which has links to lessons being taught
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