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What you will need: 


  • All jumpers/sweatshirts/Cardigans will be Red, official and bearing the school’s Logo.


  • White Polo shirts (if worn on their own) will be official, bearing the school’s Logo.


  • All Trousers/Skirts/Shorts will be Grey (not black)


  • Socks will be black/grey for boys – Girls hosiery also black/grey


  • Flat, black school shoes to be worn at all times (no trainers or embellishments)


  • PE Kit will be as follows:-

          A Tee shirt bearing the new ‘Ruishton PE’ logo – Purple in colour  

          Shorts/Skorts will be black


Buying options:


For uniform bearing the Ruishton logo, there are two outlets:  Taunton Uniforms on East Reach OR


For remaining uniform, this may be purchased at many supermarkets or high street stores.

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